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quote constitutional obligation in congress that says we must provide for the general defense of the united states. we have found how to do this and protect your privacy. remember, most people think these phone calls are recorded. they're not. most people think their names are associated with these phone numbers. they're not. it's just a whole list of phone numbers with no names and no addresses. when a terrorist number, just a terrorist number is found, they plug it in to these numbers and
. president. i will be brief. i think that what this defense committee has been about goes to the heart of who we are as a country. we are a country of immigrant and by fighting to protect the rights of immigrants who often are a group that is marginalized and you are doing so at a time when it's unpopular to do so whether it's the undocumented youth policy that we worked on and to new phase to fight for civil rights that supervisor avalos is sphere heading and to see the cross collaboration and the fact that it's not just the defense committee, but the defense committee working with domestic violence community working and working with other communities is a testament to how great and powerful this movement is for civil rights is in the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much. >> [ applause ] let me acknowledge our final colleague to speak. supervisor mar. >> i wanted to thank you also for organizing action where women are in the leadership and women from immigrant communities speak for themselves as well and that building of multiethnic unity within the rights community. i want
asserting our rights as people in the united states and the san francisco immigrant rights defense committee plays a strong role in that. locally and actually at the federal level as well. they have been part of our work around an insuring that we have done comprehensive and insurance reform and it's a progress and it would have not been done without the work and to make sure the community has a strong voice to assert new policy moving forward. today is a great day in terms of what we are doing in san francisco. we are going to be introducing our due process for our ordinance for today and that's based on organizing work by the san francisco rights committee. i want to say thank you and give you a commendation that is worthy of your great work in organizing. we have the strongest if not the strongest policy in the country. that is about the work going on, not just for months and perhaps years in the making. that is the consolidation of power that creates change. i want to say thank you for all your great work. the defense committee is joined by several, many organizations, i will name them.
carry defensive weapons. they say the city plans to hire 37 more civilian employees plus adding 75 more police officers in the next two years. she says she hopes that makes oakland safer so they don't have to rely on private security. >> katie: tonight a teenage girl has been added to a wrongful death petition. she passed out drunk and she says see was sexually attending by schoolmates. three boys were arrested. new female defendant a 15-year-old is accused of lying and trying to cover up what happened at the party. >> family and friends of missing toddler are continuing to pass out fliers 17 days after they are disappearance. they concentrated in the area where the mountain father lives. grandfather says every day she has been gone has been hard. >> it's unreal because there is no way to protect you from something like this. people go through tragedies but for us there is no way to compare. >> katie: he says they have no information on her whereabouts. she disappeared from the back of her dad's car on international boulevard. >> four men are understand arrest after running from police
, but there is no defense to making the changes. even if it is a historical building. that is not a defense. when i get involved, it is because 90% of the time, the tenant is the only one who gets the notice, though the notice is addressed both to the tenant and landlord. next thing you see, you are handed a piece of paper by some stranger, and it is a lawsuit. then you need to find a lawyer. probably 90% of these cases are in federal court. it becomes much more costly to get a lawyer involved. most lawyers charged somewhere between $5,000 or $10,000 to get involved in some of these cases. you need to file a formal answer in the court. you will be in a mediation process, which means you will meet with people appointed by the court to try to resolve this issue. the revolution is just what i said. it is major repairs if they are appropriate, and not all repairs are in demand. and, to settle the damaged portion of the case. in my experience, the damages claimed usually run somewhere between $15,000 or $5,000, and attorneys fees generally run between $10,000 or $15,000. my colleague over year has learned t
. despite the lingering hostility with north korea, secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> they showed the world that different people and different nations can accomplish many, many good things for the world when we work together. >> reporter: i'm christina multi. >> 26-year-old corp. ram matt bradford lost both his legs and eye sight in an explosion in iraq. today the family of five got the keys to their new home in nicklasville. the five-bedroom, five bathroom house was custom built by the helping hero program and rad ford says the one-level home will make life easier. >> to get on the floor and chase her around now she is walk and just a lot of things that we haven't been able to experience as a family we'll finally get to experience. >> the home is equipped with ramp and white hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and bradford continues to serve in the marine's wounded warrior battalion. >>> the burning man festival is about to get more crowded. the bureau of land managements had issued the organizers a four-year permit. last year attendance at festival was more than 53,000. auth
destroyed, we only have snippets of it, and she writes a very painful article called in defense of american sportsmanship. and for every argument that she gives for internment she gives one against it. and to conceal profoundly conflicted she is. she fights with fdr to adopt japanese-american families legally. she has japanese-american penpals in the camps. she sends packages to the camps. she writes, she is correspondence with justice william brennan in california -- william denton in california was a dissenting judge to try to use his decent arguments to fdr. and she doesn't make that publicly. she finally splits with fdr in 44 and comes out against him. but there's that very painful silence, and you can tell how distressed she is because she writes it chills my soul to think of american children behind barbed wire. so you can see. the second thing is, it's hard to explain but it has to do with, with some internal behind the scenes deliberations about how to get breckenridge long fired. and breckenridge long, was a very old political ally of fdr. played a huge role in his nomination in 19
memorializing their triumph in the three year war. despite the lingering hostility with north korea -- defense secretary chuck hagel notes the partnerships created amongst nearly two dozen nations during the course of the conflict. >> >>"they showed the world that different peoples and different nations can accomplish many, many good things for the world when we work together." cristina mutchler kron 4 news. weekend will be back after the break on kron 4 news weekend. dhaka [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more of the things you love. ♪ hello, bacon. get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at live look outside. bay bridge let's take a quick look outside this morning. let's check in with janu for your sunday forecast. >> foggy a cloudy to the start of the morning today appeared >> we are dealing with low clouds inland. >> upper 50s for the east bay shore is currently. >> 55 degrees right now in half moon bay. >> but by noon time were looking at maybe 60's doing the bay shore appeared >> 6
commissioned by the then secretary of defense robert mcnamara. basically put together for him in the late 1960's to sort of answer the question, how did we become involved in the war in vietnam. one could say maybe we should have asked those questions before we became involved with the war in vietnam. put together a lot of scholars to write this summary, starting in 1945 right after world war ii how of the u.s. gradually and then with ever greater speed became involved in the war in vietnam. and this at a time when the war was not going well trying to get out of it. very, very difficult. and when i was retained in 1971, when the new york times was provided with a copy of all but three volumes of what became known as the pentagon papers by confidence as sources, the government had advised the terms that if they publish this and it was all classified as top secret that the government would take steps, the government would go to court to get a court order barring the * from doing so. that is sort of the background of the case. every document in all these volumes was classified as top secret which
incoherent. american defenses were low and there was aimed the demobilization after world war ii. so it really took the korean war to create all the policies that we now see that is the permanent standing army, the huge defense budgets, the perception of the block and the idea that any communist victory anywhere is somehow a threat to american national security. all of that came about because of the curry in war and also because of the korean war there was a collision between government and defense industry. and so, the start of birth of the military-industrial complex that eisenhower leader warned the nation against in the military industrial 1861. for china the effect of the korean war was also a profound because the laws during the korean war we must remember that first china fought the world's greatest superpower to a standstill and that created a huge prestige for mao of the end of the century of humiliation in a sense. but there was also during the korean war then you start to see the campaigns that become very familiar later on in the great move forward and the cultural revolu
run on a policy with dramatically increasing japan's defense spending to counter china's military buildup. against this back drop the united states and vietnam have agreed to establish a constructive partnership on the basis of equality, mutual respect and benefits. the transpacific partnership countries are still working out the tpp trade deal. they are australia, canada, chile, japan, malaysia, mexico, new zealand, peru, singapore, the united states and vietnam. question, is vietnam vital to president obama's asia pivot? pat buchanan? >> well it, is part of it, but the united states' economy is 100 times as large as vietnam. they want our investment capital. they want access to the largest market in the world. we get access to this little teeny one. most important they want the united states to come in and in effect be on their side in the great conflict for the south china sea with the parasol and sprattly islands are both claimed by china and there's a real possibility of a territorial conflict in the south china sea between vietnam and china and they want to draw us into a po
of eisenhower, bush. i mean, we are a party of national defense. we're a party who did so much to protect the country over the last 12 years. >> where's the real republican party? which one of those? where's the real republican party? >> i think we're going to find that out over the next three years. i want the republican party to be a party of strong national defense and a party who, for instance, can reach out to labor unions, construction unions, police officers, firefighters -- these are people who are socially conservative and want to agree with us, and so many people in our party drive them away. to me, the overriding concern has to be national defense, national security, and not be apologizing for america. when you have rand paul actually comparing snowden to martin luther king or henry david thoreau, this is madness, this is the anti-war democrats in the 1960s that destroyed their party for almost 15 years. i don't want that happening to our party. >> there have been two statements made by republicans. one is that, if congress does not pass some kind of major immigration reform, i
for joining us. >> kelly: whitey bulger defense team prepared to make his case. boston mob boss facing a long list of charges. should he take the stand in his own defense? our legal panel will weigh in. and after the phony scandals comment they say the white house's attempt to turn down the heat from the irs and benghazi controversies. we'll have that and much more and have a fair and balanced debate on that, as well. ♪ ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' ♪ ♪ come in, cats ♪ and check your hats ♪ i mean this joint ijumpin' [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones osteo bi-fle n help your joints. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint. now in joint and muscle formula for people that demand even more for their bodies. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. i guess. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we
passionate defense of a congress that nobody in the intlier united states thinks works hard. so the notion that somehow you believe the house republicans are working hard to solve the problems of the american people -- >> we are doing the best we can with a divided government and a president -- >> that is not true -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he tells the american people, get me a bill and i will take a look at it -- >> brad, with all due respect, speaker boehner can't figure out what the right strategy on immigration -- >> come on. >> you will see the same thing in the fall with deficit and debt. blame the president all you want. he's the president. he needs to be held accountable. but absolving republicans of the house of responsibility is laughable -- >> jamie: chris, i have to let that be the last answer. brad blakeman, thank you. guys, good to see you. >> thank you. >> eric: an update on the new york city mayor's race and a major blow to democrat anthony weiner's embattled bid in the race to become the next may our of new york. the former congressman's campaign manager has quit. this
will not sign a bill, if it fixes defense at the expense of domestic spending. the republicans are writing bills that do not have a way to solve their own problems. i do not think they can pass the bills that will result in terms of the cuts to education, to health, the to all the things that the american people care about. >> are you saying that the president would veto a bill, a resolution to the budget shut down, the budget crisis is, at the end of september that included $100 billion in new spending cuts? >> what i'm saying is that congress has to write bills that meets the challenges that that the president setsorth to saturday investing in our future, and congress cannot steal from the domestic priorities to deal with cuts across the board. it would be right to get together and have a sensible set of policies, to replace the cuts. the cuts were to drive sensible policy. they were not supposed to happen. the surprising thing is, there's people claiming credit for thing tharps designed to be bad policy and senseless across the board cuts. that is surprising. the if you look how congress has
ththat, it was a surface flow. this is a reservoir. on my right is this defensive the positive dune sand. the wind blows, it comes from the ocean beach. because the sand is moving, you can see evidence along this side of the hill in 1989. the vibrations in accelerated. you have a significant amount of movement to the point that the homes that uc had very severe damage for two blocks. we recognized what the problem was at the time, it was a matter of loose sand on a very steep slope. thank you for the effort. we were able to get federal funding and design which you see in the upper walls. the lower walls was actually billed as part of the wpa. the upper wall was built in 1991-'92. this is a concrete wall and it has rocked going through the wall that extends the distance of 80 feet beyond the wall. the next earthquake occurs, the wall is designed to resist and the movement of the sand and allowed it to move down hill. this is a classic example of the creek and degree flow and exists all the way the area. we might see the other evidence. we have done nothing to improve the quality and the s
in korea. the truman administration believed europe was important. the defense of germany against communism needed to be america's first priority. i think that explains why there i think that explains why there were still people getting called up to be a part of nato forces in europe at a time when we were fighting communists on the ground and in korea. i am not sure of the exact number of troops that i had in different parts of europe at the time. host: why is it referred to as "the forgotten war?" guest: the answer is an interesting one. how did it become a "forgotten war? it is this war that is sandwiched between world war ii and the vietnam war, which has a much more infamous history in and aunited states. it had such an enduring clinical impact and was so traumatizing. you have this great victory in world war ii and is traumatic defeat in vietnam. youi think historians tend to focus on those two wars and pay less attention to korea. another reason korea has become a forgotten war is because it is really hard to talk about what they've the united states won the war or lost the war. it i
honor today symphysis go defense committee and other organizations i like to mention as well. asian-americans advancing justice firmly known as asian law caucus. angela chan with them has been a great advocate for this ordinance. the bill of rights defense committee. the california policy center. just cause, central american resource center. chinese for affirmative action, communities united against violence, lower street community services, immigrant legal resource center immigrant rights commission, ross essentially call, lawyers committee for civil rights, the national lawyers guild, and people organized to him, employment rights, otherwise known as power, symphysis go organizing project, department of public policy, concerns of the san francisco archdiocese, young workers united. many labor organizers like local 87 of sei you have also been big part of this effort as well. i also would like to give a really great thanks to deputy city attorney alicia cabrera for her work in the world converging in helping to craft this ordinance. of course in my office racquel gandhi s (sp?) for
proven there are allegations out there i guantee there will be a vigorous defense coming in there is a lot in the indictment and people assume it is correct butbsolutely not. there are great hedge fund managers and i have been in the business 27 years and it is not easy to get great returns because it is in but if you just compound your money then history says he will earn tenders will% in the stock market over a period of time. lori: but the tally on case and he is behind case right now -- behind bars right now but to hisase innocent until proven guilty but overall has the same performance lately. >> you bring up a great point because it is definitely a tarnishing going on of the hedge fnt -- hedge fu energy. a lot of people turn to hedge funds for their portfolio and that s&p 500 has outpaced most managers even though there are unique styles they have outpaced that but we never evaluate a portfolio over a three-year period normally fiver tenures it anybody else there that has pulled money away from the hedge fund rethink that because you will need to have alternatives.
priorities in order to fund defense. that's unacceptable. he won't sign that. the across-the-board cuts are hurting our future. >> fair enough, but the process in washington over continuing to fund the government or raising the debt ceiling is necessary lay process that has to be engaged in. i guess what i'm asking is, is the president, unlike what he's done before signaling, he will go to the brink this time in order to stop cuts that he thinks will harm the economy? >> what the president did this week is he sent a very clear message that washington has to stop playing these brinksmanship games. it's not about who wins and who loses -- >> but this report, mr. secretary, indicates indeed the white house is setting itself on a position to go to the brink, to force republicans -- >> what we have said is congress needs to get its work done and needs to fund the kinds of things the american middle class need, and we need to get the debt limit extended in a way that doesn't create a crisis. that is what every congress needs to do, and congress needs to do it when it gets back in september. >
the officers will carry only defensive weapons like raidovers, cell phones, and even tasers. 180 residents have to sign up for the service before patrols start. that could happen in the next week. >> the council member says the city plans to add 36 civilian employees for the police department, plus another 75 police officers in the next two years. he says she hopes that will make oakland safer and communities won't have to pay for their own private security. we're live in oakland, abc7 news. >> family and friends of missing oakland toddler daphne webb are continuing to pass out fliers. 17 days after her disappearance. today they concentrated in the area where the girl's father lives on mountain boulevard. her grandfather says every day she has been gone has been hard. >> it's unreal. there's no way to prepare for something like this and a lot of people can say that about their situation. tragedies they go through. but for us, there's really no way to be prepared for this. >> daphne disappeared from the back ore -- back of her dad's car. >> we learned family of the three girls who died in the as
to have a house put on the first alarm patrol list. she says the officers will only care defensive weapons like radios, cell phones, and tasers. the council member says the city plans to hire 36 more civilian employees for the police department and adding 75 more police officers in the next two years. she says she hopes that makes oakland safer so communities won't have to rely on private security in oakland, abc7 news. >> tonight a teenage girl has been added to a wrongful death lawsuit in the death of a 15-year-old saratoga girl. last year, audrey potts hanged herself a week after passing out at a party. she says she was sexually assaulted at the party and pictures were circulated at the high school. three 16-year-old boys have been arrested in connection with the and all now the new female defend is accused of lying ask trying to cover up what happened to party. >> friends and relatives of a missing 21-month-old daphne webb of oakland are not giving up hope. they're continuing to blanket streets and homes with fliers about staff knee. today they consent daphne. today they concentrated o
they deserved. speaking at the korean war veterans memorial in washington was defense secretary hagel. the president called on the nation to recognize their sacrifice saying their legacy is the 50 million people who live freely in a democratic south korea. >> your lives are an inspiration. your service will never be forgotten. you have the thanks of a grateful nation, and your shining deeds will live now and forever. >> the fighting on both sides of the korean conflict claimed more than 1,200,000 lives, but there was never a formal peace treaty, and there is sharp contrast between how the two koreas are marking this day. we have two reports from the divided peninsula, beginning with nbc's ann curry. she's inside north korea with a rare glimpse of that secretive society. ann? >> reporter: lester, good evening. we were invited here on this anniversary with more than 100 other members of the world's press, and today we saw a massive show of force. north korea, a small nation with the world's fourth largest army, staged one of its biggest military parades ever today. in a show of defiant
a month. >> we are optimistic that it will make a defense a difference in the crime. >> families have signed up to pay for private security. a security guard could start paroling in a month. in oakland, i'm don, kpix5. >> a few other oakland neighborhoods like parts of uptown and oakmore recently hired private security. those neighbors pay up to $65 a month. >> family members of toddler, daphne webb are keeping up the search. her father reported her missing july 10. neither of her parents took part in today's efforts, but the family still supports them both. >> we just want to keep the focus on the babies right now. still remain hopeful that she is out there somewhere and we'll find her. >> police are asking anyone who saw webb and his daughter together in the weeks before her disappearance to come forward. no one has. >>> a car crash near the pleasant hill bart station left a wet mess this evening. take a look at this geyser shooting up after a driver hit a fire hydrant. it happened just before 5:00. the water even reached the bart tracks. the fire department was called to turn o
. >> residents came with questions on liability and effective of patrol and it is clear some are still on defense. >> i don't like what it says and i don't feel safer. >> we are doing our thing and we are s need private control because this needs to stop. >> the meeting comes just three days after the shooting death of judy salmon gun down after she drove her car through the neighborhoods. they are not sure if it could have prevented wednesday's shooting. >> i would say there is no way of telling, because if the principal vehicle would serve two purposes. if the principal vehicle happened to be close enough down but those are quince dal events. >>> members say they need 180 members to sign up. they say they're close to the number and they're hoping to begin of control in the next couple of months of patrol. >>> due to poor finances and a steady decline, the building is on the chopping block. over r over hundreds of people rallied that demand the postal service to sell the building and relocate the service elsewhere. kron 4 tells us why. >> it is the center piece of our community, we love the buil
of a defense appropriations bill. are you working on a similar proposal with democrats and republicans? quite i am definitely working democrats and republicans to overhaul this program to magically. there have been a number of discussions already. senators on both sides of the aisle. the discussions have accelerated sent that extraordinary house vote. we also have a quarter of the united states senate on record saying they are very interested in pursuing certainly the issues that are central to this debate. that is the reason we insisted on finally getting the answers. you are going to see a very strong and bipartisan effort in the senate to pick up on the work of the house and to fix a problem that i inc. in the sl intrudes on the privacy and liberties and millions of law-abiding americans. >> under what way would you do that? saidw dianne feinstein they are working on. i will not rule out any possibilities. depending on how the leadership might want to construct it, it is possible they would like to of thediscussion of some other issues and reserve and opportunity for us to raise our bulkrns
on at the time. they also defended the right of black women in self-defense holding up the case of rosa lee who defended herself against an attacker and sent to jail. there was a large campaign about that. that kind of organization adds women not around narrow gender issues, but the right of women to exert leadership around, you know, traditional womens' issues, black women's issues and freedom issues in general. another organization she worked with was the all-african freedom movement which she founded in london in 1961 with claudia jones who was new yorker originally from trinidad who was jailed and exiled for her communists beliefs. for her radical beliefs and they joined together to embrace the african des a per are a and talk about what liberations would mean for women all over the world. so we're holding up the issues i think was important. i think in term of how we see black women in history, i think we are still in a marcus syndrome. people fall in to it. i have looked in books it's embarrassing. we don't feel like token i. is necessary anymore. i think there's a way in which there's an
president and the defense minister. they also want the freedom and justice party, the political wing of the muslim brotherhood, it is the second time they have been here but a lot has changed in last couple of weeks. we have had the military asked able to go to the street to carry out a campaign against what they are calling violence and terrorism. we have had the interior minister say the anti-military rallies will be cleared, so no doubt, they will be trying to emphasize the european union's position that egypt needs a peaceful, transitional time into civilian rule. but from everything we are seeing at the moment over the last week and with the deaths on friday, more than 70 people killed, she will have a lot of concerns she will be talking about. >> african union officials have arrived to observe the presidential election in zimbabwe. they'll head to the the poll on wednesday but already the stations of irregularity and intimidation. as zimbabwe dances toward election day, leading contenders for the country's leadership are in a frenzied hunt. robert mcguffey uses last rally in th
plaintive. the plaintiff may not be a professional plaintiff. that does not make any difference. the defense has been tried in court. is a civil rights statute. -- it is a civil rights statute. they can be a perfectly legitimate plaintiffs to bring a lawsuit, and there are a number of people who belong to disability organizations that actually, that is what their livelihood is, bringing these lawsuits. the gentleman over here, who was also a lawyer knows of at least one case involving two lawsuits. they started all neighborhoods. the target places like san francisco because this is an old city with old buildings, virtually none of which comply. we only have new construction that would be billed to 1988 compliance standards, usually. whatever kind of business you have, the building part does not enforce ada compliance. you have your architect look at the ada if you are going to make a major revision anyway. is very expensive to do that. the demand letter is a requirment for the state -- is a requirement for the state laws to be brought. for civil rights cases, you are expected to know the law
the name remains. toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 40 years ago the black panther party for self-defense picked up their weapons and started a revolution. ♪ ♪ >> the panthers considered the police -- >> we caught police broughtalizing and we wanted to put an end to this. usually they would brutalize and they wouldn't because we were armed. we would follow them to the jail and bail the individual out. >> angela davis, a black panther and member of the communist party became an international icon and became a struggle. >> today marx a beginning of a new era in the movement in this country. >> it was brewing with anger and determination. >> we'll walk on this power structure and we'll tell the whole damn government stick them up [ bleep. this is a hold up. we've come for what's ours. >> as far as angela davis is concerned, the revolution is far from over, but it is different. today she's professor ameritus at uc santa cruz. she lectures and travels the world. we sit here on the college campus at uc santa cruz. 40 years ago you were far removed from santa cruz. you were an active member
-popping defense to get this case dismissed. i want you to read this quote. the government wanted a winner and all the publicity, exposure and acclaim that goes along with being his sponsor. it got exactly what it bargained for. >> this is the dark side of the american dream. that will to win. folks, if they are narcissists, feel like they can cut corners and get that competitive edge and rewarded it. then, the sin becomes getting caught, not the actual cheating. >> this is like a summer of lies. i'm telling you. it is the summer of lies. every newspaper, every blog, is how we have been lied to, who is being cheated who is trying to dodge punishment. in wall street, we are talking about sec charges, and fines for halliburton. we are talk about all kinds of different things. the good news is -- i'm speechless. >> your brain is hurting from all the lying. >> the good news is, they are getting caught and there is moral outrage about it and we are having this conversation. this isn't okay? this isn't how we play. we play fair. we have laws and rules and we are enforcing them because it matters. >> let
african-american or listen to his defense. >> they keep saying, oh, it is a disportionate percentage after particularening nick group. that may be, but it is not a disportionate number in victims describe as committing murder. in that case i incidentally i think we stop whites too much and minorities too little. >> there you say white should be stopped less than the 15% or so they are stopped currently. what do you make of that and how do local leaders like that, how does their leadership and those kind of comments affect the type of been that you want it put in place? >> i think where the mayor is just wrong. if you have information about a specific crime, absolutely. the demographics of that circumstance should absolutely be used but just to say that because we think one race or one religion is more likely to commit crimes, we will stop them for investigation, no. that is not permitted. it is sloppy police work. it won't get you the information you need and it alienates community. you are using scarce resources in an inefficient way. and it is against the values of our country. so right
this week for the defense appropriations bill. are you working on a similar proposal with democrats and republicans in the senate? working am definitely with democrats and republicans to overhaul this program dramatically. there have been a number of discussions already. senators on both sides of the aisle -- the discussions have certainly accelerated since that extraordinary house vote. thelready have a quarter of united states senate on record saying that they are very interested in pursuing the issues that are central about this debate. to answer your question, yes we are going to see a very strong and bipartisan effort in the senate to pick up the effort up that i think needlessly intrudes on the privacy and liberties of millions of law-abiding americans. newsmakers with senator ron wyden. we have a replay at 6 p.m. eastern. mike is hanging on from elizabeth, new jersey, an independent caller. is america becoming a defeatist nation? caller: no, but our government is defeating us. span had a video back in 2008. no one really listens to it. it is a pretty simple solution. one solu
's uncomfortable defense. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. rb and capped off by one of his sexting partners going public with steamy photos on tmz. >> he's responsible for his downfall. >> reporter: despite the calls to step down, he's staying in the race hoping new yorkers grow tired of it all. >> it's not up to you or me, voters make the decision. >> reporter: his biggest challenge is forgiving and forgetting takes time. he's already fallen sharply in the polls. and now with his campaign manager stepping down, he is left to call his own shots. george? >> we'll have more on that. >>> but breaking news in the nsa spy case. we are joined by glenn greenwald, with new reporting on the domestic surveillance program. thanks for joining us. the new reporting zeroes in on one of the most explosive claims made by snowden a few weeks back. let's take a look. >> and i sitting at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge, to everyone the president if i had a personal e-mail. >> now that claim was denied by intelligence offic
in defense. i think the right solution would be to get together and have a set of alternatives to replace across the board cuts that were never meant to take place. >> will the -- >> the surprising thing is a couple years after everyone agreed this was bad policy, there are people who are now claiming credit for things that were designed to be bad policy and senseless across the board cuts. that's truly surprising. if you look at the way congress has been dealing with these across the board cuts, it reflects a substantial division even on the republican side. you see senators like john mccain and kelly ayotte. >> let's look to the debt limit. boehner said again this week no increase in the debt limit without an equal or greater amount in spending cuts. when are we going to hit the deadline? i know you're shifting money around. and short of republican surrender, are you going to make a deal to -- how do you avoid going into default? >> chris, to be clear, we hit the debt limit in may. we've been using what are called extraordinary measures since then to pay our bills. and congress needs to
that he handled during his career as a criminal defense attorney and he shared stories from his returns is the mayor of las vegas. this is about one hour. >> the book is "being oscar." it is written by oscar goodman. mayor oscar goodman, why did you come to las vegas? >> we came here in 1964. i went to a wonderful liberal arts college in philadelphia. i loved every day of college. i went to law school at the university of pennsylvania and it was the time of the civil rights movement were was very active. the students that were there were interested in corporate law and the like. i had just gotten married. i felt bad that i wasn't supporting my wife. one day i decided to walk down to city hall to the da's office and say, you have a job. and i was very lucky because they took me to the office of arlen specter. he was just coming off of a win of the conviction of a teamster. i think i'm the only person that did that. and a wealthy widow was killed. two fellows took money and took it out to las vegas and they assigned me to going over there on a motion to suppress this. at the end of the me
hosting the portland timber. 1-nil san jose and here is some insurance. gets behind the defense. capitalizes on the seed. 2-1 and quakes are at 7-9 had been 6 on the year. stick around if you are ready for some football, can you imagine 320 miles an hour. i was kidding. >> all right. >> thanks, shu. >> and still to come, a pivotal moment underway in egypt. turmoil still going on. and millions turn out to see the pope in brazil. plus the country where most people live past hundred. how they do it. next. >> i'm the morning news traffic reporter. check out now and you could drive away with a new smarted car. we'll announce it on the morning news. be smart and enter now. >>> breaking news out of san jose. police need to find the suspect accused of assaulting police officer. john alston is live in san jose. you have the latest. >> san jose police car is in the process of being halted away on a flatbed truck here on 11th street between san fernando and santa clara. you may be able to see the air bag that was deployed where the squad car hit a palm tree. you have vid
behind the defense. capitalizes on the seed. 2-1 and quakes are at 7-9 had been 6 on the year. stick around if you are ready for some football, can you imagine 320 miles an hour. i was kidding. >> all right. >> thanks, shu. >> and still to come, a pivotal moment underway in egypt. turmoil still going on. and millions turn out to see the pope in brazil. plus the country where most people live past hundred. how they do it. next. >> i'm the morning news traffic reporter. check out now and you could drive away with a new smarted car. we'll announce it on the morning news. be smart and enter now. >>> breaking news out of san jose. police need to find the suspect accused of assaulting police officer. john alston is live in san jose. you have the latest. >> san jose police car is in the process of being halted away on a flatbed truck here on 11th street between san fernando and santa clara. you may be able to see the air bag that was deployed where the squad car hit a palm tree. you have video earlier in the evening shortly before 9:00. officer noticed a man, they were lo
. should the united states be primarily concerned with its own defense? do we have to be careful we don't get invaded and two days later say somebody says if we'd only done one thing, but we didn't do it because we're concerned about civil liberties? >> are you asking me? >> i'm asking david. if you come out, what looks like to be an argument and you didn't use that power, you're dead politically in this country if you get attacked. >> chris, i worked 20 feet from the oval office for years and i saw the president, the national security team grapple with a very real threat of attack. and the tools that are there that the nsa provided were important in thwarting some of those attacks. if we hadn't done it, then we would indeed have had more catastrophic kinds of attacks. i think people would have been outraged about it, but i think carly is right. we do have to be careful how we do that. and what the president suggested is that's why we have to have the involvement of all three branches of government. the answer is not to scrap the intelligence gathering that has demonstrably helped keep
and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> paul bowles lived in tangier for 50 years, and sherry nutting was part of his inner circle near the end of his life. she was his friend, record keeper of sorts, and photographer. you arrived when? >> i came in the '70s, but went down to marrakesh. in '86, i wrote a letter to paul bowles and said i had to meet him and take his picture. he wrote back and said, come and visit. well, i never left. >> a lot of people came here to live that dream or to live that life. has the reality come to resemble his perception? >> the tangier i say is paul bowles. i still see it. i still feel it. you can still find the magic. >> the market or souk in tangier is one of the best in morocco. the vendors are still pretty impressive. wander the markets long enough and you're sure to stumble across the unexpected. hooves? sure. how about a lamb's head? sure. here nothing goes to waste. charbroiled to crispy burnt perfection, the meat is served on a crusty bread. not s
number or superior to remain. you adopt a defensive strategy. and this will work for you for a reason that's really important. we don't have to win. they have to win. as long as we don't lose, we win. and that's what happens. we never really when the war. they just decide to give up. you know, at the end of the war on the trees and there's over 3,000 british troops still in north america. but they just decided to leave. washington learns this lesson and some of 1776 or the thought process that leaves at the the lesson is that at that time to the it's hard for him to accept this. a potentially, he does. and if you think about it, many of the great generals in world history are losers. hannibal, napoleon, robert e. lee rommel. washington was not a good general. he lost more battles than he won. but he was a winner. he was a winner because of his resilience and the insight he had at the strategic level. i think my time is kind of up. i will end with one somewhat controversial question or statement. when the war in iraq was ratcheting up, i got a call from one of the hotbeds of the l.a. t
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